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Top-Performing Free to Use Web Builders

We all know just how important websites are nowadays, especially for business development. Anyone you are doing business with will look you up online, so a well-designed website is like an amazing first impression.

Another thing we all agree on is that free useful stuff is awesome. And much like Casumo Bonus Code, allows us to bet in a cost-effective way, so does a free web builder allow us to save money on web design. Here we will go over some of the best web builders that are free to use, point out their pros and cons, and possibly help you decide on which one you can use. 


Wix is a truly great web builder, as there are only 2 drawbacks to using it. The first one is that you must use Wix as your domain name, and the second one is a banner ad for Wix. Other than that Wix is awesome. It is easy to use as it implements a drag-and-drop feature, does not require you to upgrade after certain time, and has hundreds of different templates. So if you want an elegant looking website that is easy to make, and you don’t mind these minor drawbacks, it does not get better than Wix.  


Strikingly is perfect if you want a cheap one-pager website. The ads are not as intrusive as with Wix, and their customer support is very responsive and available 24/7. Another advantage is that you can change templates even when your site is live, but you cannot edit the premade templates so there is that restriction. This is an amazing web builder if you need a website to sell a single product or a site that serves as an online business card. Unfortunately, it comes with a seemingly massive Achilles heel, since the sites you made are not SSL certified. In other words, people who visit your site will see it is flagged as not secure, which can cause a higher bounce rate.  


You can’t have a list of free web builders without WordPress. This one has been around for ages and still receives a lot of love. WordPress is packed with free templates, does not impose any domain name limitations, and it is probably the best web builder out there for blog websites. Although this was initially one of the most user-friendly web builders, it got outclassed by other mentions on this list, but it is still fairly easy to use. You might have to do some coding but nothing you won’t be able to figure out with the use of online tutorials. Another let’s call it a flaw, is that it is mainly focused on blog niche websites, so its templates are primarily tailored for that purpose.    


Ucraft is also easy to use, its free plan allows you to have a custom domain name, and you can make an unlimited number of pages. These aspects alone will make it worth your while. The one big drawback of Ucraft is intrusive marketing, but if you can look past it, this is probably one of the best options out there.   

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