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Making the Most of Your Website Homepage

The regular maintenance of the website, either a personal blog or business webpage, is like taking care of hygiene and order in one’s office or living space. The website homepage is the basic step to build an online image and to send the right message to an occasional visitor. For all those who have done everything to keep their homepages likeable and attractive, yet still lack motivation for future actions, they can visit and while having fun, they can try to get inspired by its homepage. Nevertheless, there are numerous tips and tricks which can be found online to help you improve your website homepage and these are the most useful ones. 

Keep your content updated on a regular basis

Visitors do not like to see outdated information and announcements on homepages, and that gives away an image of a lazy, slovenly and uninformed website owner. It is not necessary to update the homepage on a daily basis, yet it is practical to schedule a weekly or monthly reminder and to update the content respectfully. As a website owner, you would like to check whether the information on your homepage corresponds to the information of your business which can be found on Google and Yahoo, like working hours, covid restrictions, the products and services you offer, and such. 

Focus on the crucial actions your visitors will be eager to take 

It is important to verbalize your intentions and to call your visitors to take a certain action, like signing up to your mailing list, shopping for your products, following your pages on social media, reading your blog, and from time to time, asking them for their feedback. At this point, the crucial step to take is to offer them click buttons that will directly navigate them to the target actions, like ‘Shop now’ or ‘Read more’. Therefore, you show your audience the practical side of your website and their experience is crucial to you. 

Add a contact section to your homepage

The more contact information you provide, the more approachable you will appear to your audience. Make sure you add your email address, phone number, the exact location where they can find you, and such. Visitors simply do not like to chase or hunt for any contact of yours, so try to keep it as transparent as possible. 

Make it visually attractive 

This is the era of visuals, and very few people will stay on your website if your homepage is packed with text only. It is nice to emphasize significant points and sections of your website, yet make sure that visitors enjoy diverse content. Choosing an interesting picture or a mesmerizing video representing your products or services will be something your visitors will definitely get fond of, and it will make them explore your website further. In addition, it is always a good idea to put your logo on the homepage to make it memorable and hard to forget. 

Live up to the modern standards of web design

This statement is self-explanatory, as you do not want your homepage to appear old-fashioned and outdated. This will also add to the image you want to present, and you certainly do not want your business approach to be outdated and futile. From time to time, you would like to contact your web developer to ask for some suggestions and eventually to raise the loading speed of your website. 

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