AllThe Most Popular Sites of 2020

The Most Popular Sites of 2020

We live on the internet, whether we do our shopping, learning or entertainment, business, we use it daily. Some people even gamble online, making the best of promo codes like this bwin Promo Code. From gambling, sports betting, to business, creativity, socialization, finding a person to spend your life with, the internet has many purposes and it is used daily by billions of people. 

There are some sites that are popular and then there are the most popular websites. 2020 kind of stopped the Earth for a while (figuratively) due to a global pandemic. There were many more website visitors and here are the most popular sites of 2020.

Google – Not Surprising

Google was at the top of the most visited sites of 2020, not surprisingly. Every single search you do in their search engine counts towards a visit, as well as every time you start a browser with as a home page.

Google is one of the largest companies in the world, so it comes as no surprise that their website is one of the most used ones, particularly due to the search engine (it is not sure whether the Gmail part of Google counts but it is safe to assume that it does not).

YouTube – Videos and Music for Days

What better way for the world to spend their lockdowns than listening to music and watching videos? This is one of the world’s most visited sites on a regular basis and in this case, it was second.

From educational content to entertainment and live streams, YouTube does it all. It is also a job for many people, so that is also something to have in mind.

Tmall – Chinese B2C

Business-to-consumer or B2C sites are very popular, particularly in times when one cannot leave their apartment and you can be sure that the situation was very strict in China, where this site operates.

Think of it as a Chinese Amazon where people go online and buy whatever they want. Given China’s size, it is reasonable that this site is at the top of the list.

Baidu – Chinese Google

The Chinese have a company to mirror every of the Western large and powerful, popular companies. Baidu offers a search engine, as well as other services, a plethora of them, to be more specific.

Since it is the most popular search engine in China, its location on the list is not surprising.

QQ – Chinese Facebook

While it may seem like an understatement to call something by its Western counterpart, or at least the closest thing to it, it is accurate.

QQ is primarily a messaging service but it also offers other services like shopping, music, and microblogging. Sounds familiar? 

Sohu – Chinese Yahoo

All jokes aside, Sohu’s second name was Sohoo (the first being Internet Technologies China), which was a homage to Jerry Yang, co-founder of Yahoo!. Sohu offers internet services like a search engine, advertisements, online gaming, and many more things. It is a popular platform in China.

Facebook – Western QQ?

Facebook is a known quantity to many people in the West and most in the East. As a social media, now with a streaming service and shopping, Facebook offers plenty to the daily social life of a human, particularly in trying pandemic times.

These are some of the most popular sites in 2020. The list goes on, with Taobao, Haosou, Amazon, Yahoo!, Jingdong email, and many, many more. 2021 is likely to be similar in terms of views and visits, particularly with how the world is still getting back into a normal state, post-global pandemic (which is yet to be over).

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