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How Open Source Is Transforming the Energy Industry

2019 Energy Industry studies have shown that the world is still relying solely on non-renewable energy sources – gas, oil, coal being the majority of energy sources that maintain our lifestyle at 85%. In contrast, renewable energy sources were at 8%. In essence, our planet doesn’t seem to have a bright future energy-wise. We seem to be spending a lot of our non-renewable sources while we should focus on going green. 

So, this raises a question: How is open source transforming the energy industry? What can we do to help our planet have a better future? Let’s find out how education, entrepreneurship, and foundations can change the energy industry.


Some would say that education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. And indeed, everything starts with education, which is why it can be crucial for this cause. There are initiatives that are promoting education about open source energies. Accessing information about it should be as easy as creating your matchbook account. Learning more about the available open-source options could help many people make a better choice. Collective Open Source Hardware – or as some know it as cos(h), is one of the top initiatives that base its education on open source and hardware to build a better future.


The most remarkable example of how entrepreneurship can be transforming and positively impact open-source energy is Tesla. Tesla is responsible for making some of their cars open source. And not only that, but they did the same thing with a lot of their patents, which made a significant impact on the growth of the electric car industry. 

Apart from Tesla, there is Skavenji that originates from France and is founded back in 2016. The main goal of the company is to allow producing energy from your home and simplifying it as much as possible. Skavenji offers you an ecosystem that allows for energy to be generated at home – with the help of a cube with a solar panel that is connected to smaller sources of electricity. There is an additional open-source application included with a platform that is meant to encourage enthusiasts to find new solutions for generating electricity.


One more thing that can contribute to transforming and transitioning to renewable energy sources is foundations. The LFE – also known as the Linux Foundation of Energy, has a goal to sustain open electricity and energy sources. They plan on doing this by getting together some actors in their industry. The Linux Foundation of Energy’s inspiration and the goal is building, as they call it, “Internet of Energy”, using only green energy.

Many say that there is no transformation because there is already a network of energy. However, the transformation is determined by the number of nodes implied. This is because each house will share the excess power it produces with other houses that need it.

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