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Best Open Source Software for Windows in 2018

admin 20 June 2018 All

Why buy expensive software when you can get most of the job done for free with some high-quality open source software? Open source is the future of the internet. You shouldn’t confuse open source with other types of free software. Open source is a software whose code can be freely downloaded, shared and modified by […]

Most Popular Free WordPress Themes

admin 30 May 2018 All

If you are just starting to use WordPress the best choice for you might be a free theme you can experiment with. For this list, we’ve picked several popular themes that we would recommend from the WordPress official website. Twenty Seventeen Twenty Seventeen is the WordPress default theme for 2017. It is multi-lingual, multi-purpose and […]

How to Choose the Best CMS to Build a Website

admin 27 April 2018 All

A CMS, or a content management system is an application that lets users without programming knowledge create, publish and edit digital content in a collaborative environment. Choosing the right CMS for you is not a straightforward task, as there is no single best CMS. Instead, there are hundreds of CMS software on the market, and […]

What is a CMS?

admin 27 March 2018 All

CMS (short for “content management system“) is a software for creating and managing digital content in a dynamic and interactive way. CMSs have two common applications: managing content and data used for collaboration in the workplace (Intelligent Information Management) and facilitating collaborative authoring for websites (web content management). Content published and managed by a CMS […]

What is Joomla?

admin 27 March 2018 All

Joomla is an open-source CMS, written in PHP programming language, whose purpose is to make it easy to publish and manage web content. It is completely free to use and run entirely by volunteers. It enables users to keep their online content up to date, without having to know how to code. With more than […]

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