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What To Expect from Open Source in The Future?

Open-source technology has never been closer to being put into practice since millions of people store their data and collaborate with others through cloud services which are pretty similar to open-source technology. The software which is about to be launched by Microsoft is OSS (Open Source Software), and in its definition, it will optimize a cross-company collaboration and improve future innovation processes. OSS is a kind of software that provides the users with the option to view and change the source code. In that way, it will bring about faster information processing which collaborating companies worldwide will appreciate more than anything. 


The largest benefit of open-source technology is seen by programmers which can fix and upgrade the source code on the go. Therefore, the errors will be eliminated faster and the software would be prepared to work with innovative technology, to find new opportunities for improvement, as well as to create new features. This is illustrated best by the latest perspective which has been presented in the Microsoft blog post, and it says that future major problems would require better teamwork and whole industries to be solved. These solutions would be supported by making all the participants active, tolerant, and ready to collaborate with other experts. 

Where Can We See OSS?

The elements of open source are not only present on cloud services, but also on social platforms like Twitter and WordPress. Moreover, people can experience a bunch of functionalities of the open-source, even when editing videos or making music. In this way, users save their time and energy while they enjoy the practicality of this kind of software. One’s own development can influence the development of others, which will accelerate and improve cross-company collaboration. The prediction is that old-school software wouldn’t be completely neglected, still, they will be used more rarely and for specific purposes. 

Licensing Issues –  A Potential Shortcoming

The only shortcoming that users may experience in the future is the licensing issue. As you can find a lot of platforms that resemble open source, yet their base is not of that kind, people should make an effort to understand what is not open-source, but it is still source-available. Each open-source platform should possess a standardized license, yet developers keep in mind that it is pretty tough to get this very license and very few platforms possess it.  This license can provide the protection of data, the reliable companies with which users can collaborate, the authorization of mutual work, and such. 


It is certain that open source has a bright future since there is a general need for it to be used as soon as possible. Both small businesses and grand corporations are eager to promote open development processes and to learn from others.  In this way, old-school software would be upgraded and modernized to operate with new features and apps. However, till that moment, it should tackle certain issues like ethical questions and unexpected business cases. 

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