About us

Welcome to cms-joomla.org, an ultimate website about websites! We are dedicated to writing about technology, open source and reviewing all the latest software, themes, templates, etc, necessary for building a high-quality website. In addition, we offer reviews of other websites and their content in the form of top lists of recommended websites, themes and templates. This way, we want to provide our readers with the useful information on how to create their own website and navigate the world wide web. Our expert team of writers is researching the web so that you don’t have to!

We are especially proud of our open source values in software development, because we believe that community and collaboration are the key to success. Therefore, we take time to promote websites with cutting-edge open source initiatives. That is why we chose the name we can identify with, “Joomla”, both because it is one of the best open source CMSs out there and because it means “all together” in Swahili.

In that spirit, we want to create a space where technology lovers can learn about the latest trends, but also where they can share experience and learn from each other. Everybody is welcome to join!