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How to Make Your Website Stand Out in 2022?

We all like to stand out from time to time. Some prefer standing out in real life when meeting people, while others do that while in a video game, where they shine as the best in that category or level. There are various methods of standing out, whether you are a person or a website. Take online sportsbooks, for example, some stand out by enticing users and welcoming them with bonus codes, like this Grosvenor Bonus Code 2021.

Websites stand out because they have great design, right? Well, not just that, but plenty of other things. If you want a website that will stand out, here are a couple of tips on how to succeed.


This has been a trend in the world and with good reason. We all like to be included and felt welcome and loved, even. While this is difficult to put into web design, there are ways of signaling inclusivity without being explicit. This way, people will feel welcome, even though they might not know it. This can create amazing brand connections and recognition. There are ways of putting inclusivity into a good design, but not in a way that would take away from the design itself. 

Speed Is King

While people love being included, nobody wants to be included on a site that loads for a century. In this dopamine-infected world, people do not spend more than a set amount of time on a site or on a page, for that matter. If the page fails to load or is loading slowly, people will be less likely to visit that site again, let alone recommend it to anybody else.

A fast site, on another hand, will be memorable, if not for its design, then for its service.

User Friendliness

Nobody enjoys a bot that is always in your face, no matter which page you open on a site. However, people do enjoy clear and concise pointers which tell them what each page of a site does, as well as a method of navigation that is easy to use on both desktop and mobile devices. Most people use mobile devices, but that does not mean that the desktop site should be poorly designed and optimized.

A little user-friendliness goes a very long way, which is a rather important part of designing a site.

Copying Large Companies (to an extent)

Large companies are doing something right. Their minimalism might not work, particularly if it is a blatant copy, but their style and approach might work. Take note that not all large companies have good websites. Some are abysmal when it comes to user-friendliness or concrete information, even though they might look great. 

You should filter what you want to copy from each large company. Some have great designs, others concise menus and navigation.

Standing out for the right reasons is important when making a website. Make sure that your site stands out for its design, inclusivity, user-friendliness, and speed. 

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