AllWordPress, Joomla, or Drupal – Which CMS Should You Choose?

WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal – Which CMS Should You Choose?

When you want to put up a website, you want a platform that allows you to manage it efficiently, especially in terms of content and advertising. What is great about content management systems, or CMSs, is that even those with little experience in coding can make a functional and user-friendly website that is pleasant to the eye, all while handling the content and advertisements. Managing the contents of your website has become easy – anyone can do it.

However, there is a question as to which CMS platform is the superior one. Today, we are going to compare three popular platforms: WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. We will not only be looking at their performance but the price range and user-friendliness as well. Here we go.


As far as the price goes, all three platforms can be obtained for no money, with additional themes and plugins that can be purchased separately. What this means is that, apart from paying for the registration of the domain name and the hosting, without which you can’t put a site online, you can have your website with a smooth design and many options for free.

When it comes to themes and plugins you can purchase, the price varies, so there is no clear indication as to which platform is the most affordable in this regard. In other words, as far as your finances are concerned, there is virtually no difference between the three.


Many online businesses are run by people with little to no technical knowledge when it comes to coding and design. Because of this, it is important to have CMS that caters to your needs. WordPress requires no technical knowledge and comes with presets of themes and plugins, as well as simple explanations as to what each of them is doing, how to set it up, and how to deactivate it – it is all very intuitive and a preferred CMS for hobbyists and novices.

Joomla is also pretty easy to use. However, it is aimed at social networking and does require some technical knowledge. Its biggest strength is the fact that it is open-source, along with being very accommodating when it comes to moving the development of the CMS to any server. Again, it is not suitable for people that are just getting into publishing their content online without proper personnel.

Drupal has the most options but requires people that are well-versed in content management and coding. Out of the three, it is the only one where you need to possess knowledge of HTML, PHP, and CSS in order to make it work.

Which to Choose

As it turns out, WordPress is the most popular CMS out there, with more than half of the market flooding to its brand. More than 75 million websites are run with WordPress, as opposed to a little over a million with Joomla and almost three million with Drupal.

If you are unfamiliar with coding, or can’t be bothered by it, we would recommend WordPress, though all three platforms are excellent in terms of functionality, the communities that support their respective members, and the options they provide. All three are fine content management systems that are efficient and affordable. It only depends on your level of expertise and what you want to use them for.

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