AllDifferences Between Website Builders and Content Management Systems (CMS)

Differences Between Website Builders and Content Management Systems (CMS)

If you say that website builder and CMS are one and the same, you are honestly not entirely wrong. Both are used to create and design a website, so it makes sense to call them both website builders. However, even if we call CMS a website builder, we cannot say that the website builders are CMSs. The difference is that website builders are used to create a website with pre-built components, which is why they are easier to use. CMSs tend to be more complex, but at the same time, they are far less limiting. Here we will examine the pros and cons of both and throughout this comparison, you will realize what are these main differences. 

Benefits of Builder

A website builder is usually easy to use, and you can create a stylish website relatively fast. They rely on a drag-and-drop feature as one of the main user-friendly components, which is why they are very intuitive. There are a lot of web builders out there that are actually free, so it is really easy to create your own website even if you have no idea how to code. In a way, these are a step forward from CMS and are tailored to meet the demands of an everyday user. They are an excellent solution if you just need a website that serves as an online business card or brochure for products/services. 

Drawbacks of Website Builder

Unfortunately, simplicity comes at the price. Like we said at the start you are using pre-built components, which means you will be limited when it comes to web design and functionality. Web builders look to overcome these flaws by offering multiple different templates or themes, but if you are striving towards an innovative website, then this is not a valid option. Moreover, free web builders will likely impose limitations on your domain name, your site might not get the SSL certificate, and ads are very likely to be displayed on it. 

Benefits of CMS

Using a content management system is definitely more professional and it will prove to be a better option in the long run. Your customization options are far less limited when compared to a web builder, and organizing content on your website will be easier. As CMS is more flexible it is often used for blogging platforms or for online stores, because users are frequently posting new and updating old content. You are also less likely to deal with ads or use the name of CMS in your website name.   

Drawbacks of CMS

Even though you have more design freedom with CMS the truth is they are not as nearly as easy to use as web builders. Some of them are more user-friendly than others, like WordPress, but if you plan to use CSM you will need to know how to code. So, you will either have to learn using online tutorials, or higher a web developer who is proficient with a specific CMS to help you with your website. Since there is more coding, your website might be more prone to crashing and you might need to fix bugs every now and again.  

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