AllTips for hiring a Great Web Developer

Tips for hiring a Great Web Developer

If you want something done, you best do it yourself, right? Well, not really, if you’re not capable of doing it better than a professional. This is often used when you hire people to do menial tasks and they fail at those. For some things, you have to hire a professional. Basic things like looking up something on google, promotional codes, like this Vegas Hero Bonus Code, for example, is not a difficult task and you could do it on your own.

Building a website, on the other hand, from scratch, is a difficult task and unless you are a web developer, it is a task which you most likely won’t be able to complete (unless you take a year or more to learn web development). 

If you want to hire a web developer, here is what you need to know, to get the most for your money.

When not to Hire a Web Developer

Hiring a developer is great, but not hiring one is even better. If you need a simple site to present your content, and it is not an ecommerce site or something which requires massive layers of security, a free theme from WordPress will do it. You can use any other site building tools like Wix, Squarespace, Webflow and many others, if you need something done quick and for a small fee. This kind of option works best for blogs and similar sites. Make sure to evaluate what kind of site you need before you go and hire a developer to build something from scratch. 

Take Your Time

The faster you go, the more likely you are to get something wrong. Only the best can do things really quickly and under pressure. Hiring a developer isn’t something you should do lightly. Double check and even triple check your own business plan and what kind of service you actually require prior to even considering developers. 

Ask for a Portfolio

Before hiring anybody, you should ask for their portfolio. Be vary if they have nothing to show, because that is probably what you will get. On the other hand, if they do have a portfolio and you see things that you like or don’t like, you can ask further questions to have those things elaborated. Functionality over form is often more important for websites, because people quickly learn to hate a site which looks great but performs like internet speeds are in the 90s.

Need Versus Nice to Have

There are things your site will most likely need and those should be a priority. Things that your site can have but are not necessary are further down the list of necessities. You should communicate that to your developer and make sure that they have the skills necessary to do what you need them to.

These are some tips on how to hire a web developer and how not to hire one. Make sure to know what you need and to communicate it well. 

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