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Joomla Sports and Games Extensions

As you know, Joomla is one of the most popular CMSs out there. Like other content management systems, it too comes with its own set of extensions and some are simply better than others. One often needs to do some research to pick the best extension for a particular purpose. Today, we are going to focus on our personal picks for Joomla’s best sports and game extensions.

Honorable Mention: CFlappy

Do you happen to remember Flappy Bird? For a while, it was impossible to escape the viral game phenomenon that spawned hundreds of clones, left players frustrated, and even resulted in death threats for the creator Dong Nguyen at one point. Still, it is a very catchy game that is too hard to leave alone.

Now, with CFlappy, you can incorporate that game into your site. This version was developed by compojoom and it was released in 2014, the same year the original Flappy Bird was removed from online stores. This version is free and it lets you play not only as Flappy Bird but a few other characters as well. It’s a great way to take a look into the past.

JoomSport Pro

If you need a way to create a sports website with accurate statistics and tournament info, you need not look further than JoomSports Pro. It is a great tool to keep track of the leagues, mini-leagues, sports series, and a multitude of other events and disciplines. It could be used for mainstream sports like soccer, basketball, and tennis, for example, as well as e-game and e-sports tournaments, like Counter-Strike, FIFA, WoW, and others.

You can customize the information for individual athletes and their entire teams, including the venues, photos, and past events. You can also install a few add-ons that can improve the extension with predictions or match generators.

Raid Planner

This one is not versatile, but very specialized. Its main objective is organizing raids mainly in World of Warcraft, but you can use the extension to plan raids in other MMOs as well. Raid Planner allows users to tag themselves as attending, late, and non-attending, in addition to letting them choose their role at signups. It is a great way to organize communities without losing valuable players often spend bickering and asking silly questions, thereby delaying the raid. Furthermore, you can use the extension to allow players to meet up and organize with their peers, rather than just any available player, by putting them into groups based on their level and rank.

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