AllBest Open Source Software for Windows in 2018

Best Open Source Software for Windows in 2018

Why buy expensive software when you can get most of the job done for free with some high-quality open source software? Open source is the future of the internet. You shouldn’t confuse open source with other types of free software. Open source is a software whose code can be freely downloaded, shared and modified by anyone. Thus, open source encourages cooperation and builds a dedicated community of enthusiasts, which is why it is regularly updated, patched and enriched by plenty of great user-created plugins. Here is a list of excellent open source software you can happily use instead of its commercial counterparts.

Libre Office

Libre Office is an open source counterpart of Microsoft Office, fully compatible with the latter, which makes file sharing perfectly smooth. Documents look equally professional as those available through a commercial software, and in addition to great apps for text documents, presentations, databases and spreadsheets, Libre Office boasts a large community of backers, who you can thank for an amazing collection of free templates, as well as a forum and live chat for technical support.


This brilliant open source replacement for Adobe Photoshop is a powerful photo editor, loaded with useful tools for improving the quality of your pictures or for creating new ones. A number of customizable filters and user-created plugins will help you transform every aspect of your pics and accomplish incredible results.

VLC Media Player

This is a must-have media player if you are a Windows user. There is virtually no file format that this software can’t handle, whether it is video, audio or media stream. There is a reason why this is one of the world’s most popular media players: with VLC you will almost never need to worry about installing missing codecs. It also lets you set up audio and video to suit your hardware configuration.

With an excellent archive of skins and extensions, WYSIWYG Skin Editor, and a new 360-degree playback, VLC is constantly improving, developing and innovating.


Instead of using Windows Movie Maker, why don’t you try this intuitive and user-friendly open source video editor? It is a powerful software with plenty of great features. Its biggest advantage is a range of fully customizable video and audio filters. Also, trimming, splitting and joining clips together with Shotcut is a piece of cake, making it perfect for novice filmmakers.  


This free file extractor program has an even higher compression rate than WinZip, its commercial counterpart. In addition to being able to create smaller files, 7-zip is also compatible with WinZip files, as well as several other compression formats. Archiving and extracting files has never been easier!


Audacity is a free app that lets you edit and record digital audio content. Powerful and rich in advanced editing features, Audacity is on a par with many premium software. With Audacity, you can make your own recordings from multiple sources, trim and combine clips, use special effects, remove noise, and much more!

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